The following is a list of some important buildings or structures which have made a contribution to Farnsfield’s history.

Buildings still in existence

The old Jail House is situated on Mansfield Road and is currently used as a lockup by the Parish Council.

The old WI Hall on Quaker Lane is believed to be a former Quaker Meeting House.

Charnwood House on Main Street. This building was also believed to be a Quaker Meeting House.

Pinfolds on Mansfield Road and Quaker Lane.

Farnsfield Hall.

The Village Centre in The Old Maltings on New Hill.

Burgess House on Main Street. 

This building is the subject of strong speculation that it had ‘Royal Connections’. In the 1700’s it was rumoured that George 111 set up Lady Gertrude Savile in the house. In her book, “A History of Farnsfield”, local author, Mary Rigg, shows that this could not have been the case.

It is also known that the house was once occupied by Sarah Burgess, who died in 1823.  According to Mary Rigg, the house was ‘ “granted” (to her) by a “royal personage” in return for “favours“.  Which “royal personage” is not known for certain.’

Buildings no longer in existence

Former windmills on Mansfield Road and Station Lane.

The Old Station and Buildings on Station Lane.